Job Postings

Job Postings

CoreNet Carolinas is now featuring company job postings as a new courtesy benefit to our membership, allowing you to get your job posting in front of the highest quality and most relevant candidates in your industry. Your posting will be posted to the website for 30 days and included in the monthly newsletter (if your posting is still open at the time of publication).

To submit a job opening to be posted, please email us at

Sample Posting

  • Title of the Vacant Job Position
    Company Name, City, State
    Date the Posting was Made

    Description Text: here is where you provide a brief description of your vacant position.  You can submit up to 100 words in your description.  This is also where you would put any contact information as well as links to more information or to your application form/tool.

How to Submit
To submit your job posting, please email the CoreNet Carolinas offices at carolinas@corenet  Make sure to provide the position title, your company name and location, and a brief description of the open position (including contact information).

If you have any questions, please contact the CoreNet Carolinas offices at 704-940-7390 or by email at

Important Note about Job Postings
The Job Postings page is a courtesy service to our members and the Carolinas Chapter of CoreNet Global does not endorse any of the job postings on this page or any of the companies related to the vacant positions.  CoreNet Carolinas reserves the right to deny any job postings it does not deem fit for the website or for the membership of the organization.